Our Story

Founded in 2017, Eleventh Street Lot combines diverse experience and a broad professional network to offer a unique suite of services that enable independent filmmakers, distributors, film festivals and more align their vision with results. The agency’s clients range from self-distributed narrative feature films to regional film festivals to art house distributors on both coasts, and beyond. From project-based engagements to long-term partnerships, an innovative approach and dedicated, reliable effort provide tangible results that ultimately champion the story you need to tell.

About Our Name

In the groundbreaking 1996 musical RENT, the Eleventh Street Lot—once an abandoned, unused city lot—is a transformed into a space for art, performance, protests and community ("Moo with me!"). It's that spirit of connection, action and passion that inspired us to adopt it for our own. No day but today. 



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Owner & principal

Lisa Trifone

A Chicago native, Trifone knew since she was a kid that she'd work in the movies someday. Fast forward to post-college (Bradley University), when her personal blogging (and subsequent referral traffic) landed her a role at Heartland Truly Moving Pictures (Indianapolis). There, she ushered the organization into the social media age while interfacing directly with major studios and independent filmmakers alike. 

Trifone temporarily transitioned away from film to take a position as Marketing Consultant with Salesforce (then ExactTarget), where she worked with major brands to develop and implement best-in-class digital marketing strategies. Meanwhile, evenings and weekends were spent as Managing Director at the Indy Film Fest. Alongside a rockstar board of directors, she helped grow that organization into a regional cultural institution.

By 2012, Trifone was called up to the majors, managing the Press Office at the Sundance Film Festival, after which she relocated to New York City to serve as head of marketing/PR at Film Movement. Two significant roles back in Chicago (with Music Box Films and Cinema/Chicago) followed. In addition to her work with clients, Trifone is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and serves as a project & program consultant with Chicago-based Full Spectrum Features.