In business as with film, there's always a new and enthusiastic audience to be found. While you focus on, you know, actually running the thing, engage 11th Street Lot in the behind-the-scenes work of fine-tuning your message, cultivating a community and getting actual results. 

Brand Audit & Messaging Review

A fresh set of eyes on your website, marketing materials and messaging can make all the difference. Project includes:

  • Deep-dive brand discovery and goal-setting

  • Comprehensive marketing materials and messaging review

    • Website, email marketing, social media, printed pieces, traditional advertising, niche marketing, etc.

  • Short- and long-term actionable recommendations for growth

Email Marketing & Social Media Management

Gone are the days of leaving your email and social media plans to the intern. Let the pros handle this. Project includes:

  • Comprehensive email marketing management

    • Subscriber growth and list management

    • Email content creation and execution

  • Multi-channel social media management

    • Content calendaring and creation

    • Focused channel supervision (we'll post for you!)

  • Paid social media advertising management

  • Regular performance reviews and channel optimization

Public Relations Management

Marketing and PR actually are different things, and we know exactly how to make the most of both. Project includes:

  • Regular press release creation and servicing, as business needs arise

  • Niche on-going pitching based on new business, events, product launch

  • Customer relations and crisis management

Non-Profit Fundraising and Audience Development

From membership program management to major donor relations, we'll ensure you're communicating with everyone to get the most bang for their bucks. Project includes:

  • Deep-dive fundraising discovery and goal-setting

  • Comprehensive fundraising channel review and recommendations

  • Actionable audience development strategies for ongoing growth

Custom and Additional Services

Don't see exactly what you had in mind? We're always willing to build out a project plan that's entirely custom. Pick a little from column A, a lot from column B or vice versa. We got you.